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Vienna Symphonic Library : Authorized Dealer : AAVIM Technology are proud to announce that we are now an Authorised Dealer for the complete range of Vienna Symphonic Library / Virtual Instruments and supporting software.

With the shifting currency it is difficult to maintain individual product listings, please contact me for any required titles and I will work out an appropriate deal.

Discounts will be offered across the whole range , pricing will be parity with the direct pricing from VSL , less  5% discount , except for monthly super specials , contact us for details.

Historic Winds III

This all-new Collection features a natural horn, recorded in Vienna’s Silent Stage. As a predecessor to the modern French horn, the natural horn has neither finger holes nor valves. As a result, only natural tones according to the harmonic series can be produced by adjusting the embouchure and changing the lip-tension. In order to play (harmonic) scales in various keys, various tuning slides have to be used. For utmost tonal flexibility, we’ve captured a natural horn with ten different tuning slides.

Introductory Price July 1–31, 2017

$439.00  (Regular: $589.00)

Limited Time Offers

Vienna’s Historic Winds Collections are not only perfectly suited for scoring historic film subjects but are a real source of inspiration if you’re looking for all-new timbres for solo performances or instrumental combinations. Only through July 31, 2017 you’ll benefit from major discounts on these Collections.

Historic Winds I $619.00  (Normally $849.00)

Historic Winds II $619.00  (Normally $849.00)

Coinciding with the release of Historic Winds III, the prices of several other collections that offer instruments for recreating Renaissance, Baroque and early classical music have been reduced by 30%.

Contact us for further details.

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