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Propellerhead Reason 9

Propellerhead Reason 9
Name: Propellerhead Reason 9
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Propellerhead Reason 9 -  is an all-in-one music-production studio that streamlines the creative and collaborative process with an interface that's quicker, sleeker, and more intuitive than ever. Record audio on unlimited tracks, create beats, play virtual instruments from a powerful and expandable rack, and mix down on a superb SSL-modeled console. Spark your creativity with Reason 9's Player devices - Scales and Chords, Note Echo, and Dual Arpeggio. Build your compositions with 1,000 patches from top sound designers. Nail vocal perfection with Pitch Editing. Supercharge your workflow with the Bounce in Place feature. With a mouse click, change Themes to match the interface to your moods. Propellerhead Reason 9: it's everything you love about your favorite DAW software, and more.

Command a massive sonic arsenal

Packing a massive arsenal of synth sounds, drum kits, sampled instruments, loops, and FX, Reason's onboard sound bank is loaded with everything you'll need for superior music productions. Reason's built-in instruments and FX cover the gamut from organic acoustic to synthetic electronic sounds. Expand your sonic palette even further with Reason's custom ReFill sound libraries. And finding the right sound fast is effortless with Reason's integrated, always-open browser.

Reason's Virtual Rack

At the core of Reason is its famous virtual rack, which builds itself as you build your composition. Pack your rack with as many devices as you need. As you add a device, your rack connects and routes everything for you. Want to roll up your sleeves and dive in? Flip Reason's rack around and patch audio and control voltages freely between devices. And when you're in the mood for even more creative options, Propellerhead's Reason Rack Extensions give you the flexibility of plug-ins, without the headaches, letting you expand your rack with new, inspiring instruments and effects created by top developers.

A wide range of sound-creation tools
  • Included instruments:
    • Kong Drum Designer
    • Thor polysonic synthesizer
    • NN19 sampler
    • NN-XT advanced sampler
    • Malstrm graintable synthesizer
    • Dr. Octo Rex loop player
    • Redrum pattern-based drum machine
    • Subtractor analog subtractive synthesizer
    • ID-8 songwriter's toolbox
    • Combinators (for building instrument, FX, and pattern sequencer chains)

  • Included Player Devices:
    • Scales and Chords
    • Dual Arpeggio
    • Note Echo

  • Included effects
    • Softube Guitar amplifier with amp and cabinet modeling
    • Softube Bass amplifier with amp and cabinet modeling
    • Alligator triple-channel pattern-based gate
    • Pulveriser distortion, compressor, and envelope follower module
    • The Echo high quality stereo echo
    • Neptune pitch corrector and voice synthesizer
    • Audiomatic Retro Transformer
    • RV-7 digital reverb
    • DDL-1 digital delay line
    • D-11 foldback distortion
    • ECF-42 envelope-controlled filter
    • DF-101 chorus/flanger
    • PH-90 phaser
    • COMP-01 compressor
    • PEQ2 2-band EQ
    • RV7000 MkII advanced convolution reverb
    • Scream 4 Sound Destruction Unit
    • BV512 vocoder with 4 to 512 bands and equalization
    • UN16 unison
    • 4-band mastering EQ
    • Dual-band stereo imager
    • Stereo compressor with sidechain input, soft-knee mode and CV out
    • Maximizer with look-ahead and soft clip
Live Sampling made easy

In Reason 9, all sample players are now samplers. Plug any sound source into Reason rack's sampling input and you're ready to sample an instrument, mic, a turntable - or even your entire Reason mix! Sampling in Reason is simply part of the creative music-making process. Simply hit the sample button to start sampling. Reason detects the sample start automatically. You can even sample while Reason is running; there's no need to stop the music. You can also set start and end points, loop points, and more in Reason's onboard sample editor. Reason's Live Sampling, together with root-key pitch detection and automatic zone mapping makes it easy to sample a source and map the samples across your keyboard.

State-of-the-art recording and mixing

Capture your creative inspirations in Reason's powerful sequencer. Record and edit your audio, MIDI, and automation with robust recording and editing tools. Quantize audio or MIDI to correct timing issues, or add swing with ReGroove to inject excitement into your sequences. The Reason sequencer is always in sync with your creative process, adapting to you and your workflow. Capture your ideas first, and choose your tempo later with Reason's amazing Time Stretch feature. With Audio Transpose, you can even change keys after the fact. Tweak your vocals to perfection with Pitch Edit. Change pitch non-destructively and correct audio timing with Slice Edit. When it's time to mix, Reason gives you access to a meticulous model of a legendary console: the SSL 9000k - complete with flexible routing, full dynamics, EQ, total-recall automation, grouping, parallel channels, and its renowned master-bus compressor.

Reason's modeled mixing console
  • A complete channel strip for every instrument and audio channel:
    • Gain
    • 4-band EQ
    • 8 Send effects slots
    • Insert effect slot
    • Dynamics section with compressor and gate
    • Lowpass and highpass filter
    • Spectrum analyzer
    • Master compressor with sidechain input
    • Group channels
    • Parallel channels
Drag and drop: fast and intuitive

Drag and drop is one of those features you don't know you need until you've used it. Once you have, you know it's the shortest distance between the sound you hear in your head and what you record. Reason 9 offers that immediacy, with drag-and-drop functionality thoroughly integrated throughout the program. Drag patches to instruments, instruments to the sequencer, and audio to your track list. It's fast and intuitive. And speaking of intuitive, Reason 9 lets you double-click to add notes and double-click to delete them.

The Reason browser: always open for inspiration

Another essential feature in Reason 9 is its always-open browser. Sweetwater knows that finding the sound you hear in your head is a time-sensitive operation, and mousing through menus is just a distraction when you're trying to capture an inspired idea. Reason 9 fixes all that. Nailing the right sound has never been easier, because the Reason browser is like an open book - always open for inspiration - and always right where you need it.

Propellerhead Reason 9 DAW Software Features:
  • Supports the Allihoopa online music-making and collaboration service:
    • A cornucopia of inspiring user-created music, backing tracks, and performances

  • Unlimited audio and instrument channels
  • Rack Extensions let you expand your arsenal of instruments and FX
  • Massive factory sound bank with patches, samples, and loops for all Reason devices
  • Full-featured multitrack sequencer with audio comping tools and Blocks mode
  • High-quality real-time time stretch and audio transpose
  • Pitch Edit mode for perfecting your vocal recordings
  • Audio slicing and audio quantize for correcting the timing of your audio
  • Conversion of recorded or imported audio to REX loops for further manipulation
  • MIDI instrument output lets you control external gear from the Reason sequencer
  • MIDI clock output for syncing hardware to Reason
  • Export mixer channels as individual audio stems, including FX and tempo track
  • Live sampling on all Reason sampler devices
  • RPG-8 monophonic arpeggiator
  • Matrix pattern-based sequencer
  • ReGroove Mixer real-time groove console
  • Pulsar Dual LFO
  • 14:2 mixer with EQ and effects send/return
  • 6:2 stereo line mixer
  • Spider Audio merger and splitter
  • Spider Control Voltage merger and splitter
  • Remote mapping to external MIDI controllers and hardware control surfaces
  • ReWire support for slaving Reason to another ReWire-compatible DAW
  • Supports all major file formats (Wave, AIFF, MP3, and more)
  • Real-time sample-rate and bit-depth conversion let you import any audio into Reason
  • Multicore support and 64-bit compatibility
  • Self-contained song files make moving projects between computers a breeze

Turn good ideas into great music with Propellerhead Reason 9!

Tech Specs

Software Type DAW software
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Boxed
Bit Depth 64-bit
Format Reason RE plug-ins
Supported Audio Formats CoreAudio, ASIO
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel Dual Core or higher, 8GB RAM recommended, 4GB free hard disk space, Internet connection (for activation)
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel/AMD Dual Core or higher, 8GB RAM recommended, 4GB free hard disk space, Internet connection (for activation)
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.7 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later


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